“Recovering from Disc Prolapse: 36-Year-Old Triumphs Over Sudden Foot Drop and Emerges Stronger”

Disc prolapse usually presents only with pain but some times, if the pain is neglected for a long time by the person, they can even present with weakness of legs. This gentleman 36/Mr XXX came with sudden onset of difficulty in walking since 3days and right sided sciatica pain from waist to leg for 2months. He was examined and was found to have profound weakness of foot called as foot drop. He also had urgency to urination and a clinical diagnosis of disc prolapse with neurological deficits was made and MRI was done on an emergency basis. MRI showed a two level disc prolapses at L4-5 and L3-4 with severe compression on cauda equina nerve roots. He underwent emergency L3-4, L4-5 microscopic lumbar discectomy and he was relieved out of sciatica pain in same day. He underwent vigorous post operative Rehabilitation physiotherapy and became an independent walker at end of 3months. Now when we are sharing this case report At end of 2years he is able to walk normally, run, squat and has recovered from his leg weakness completely.

Key point :

1. Emergency scenarios in Spine surgery are Rare and one among them is the Neurological deficits in legs secondary to disc prolapse. Identifying and addressing this on emegency basis is the key for good outcomes.

2. Don’t ignore sciatica pain for longer duration to avoid deficits