‘Bringing back Curves as Smile’ in a 19 year Scoliosis girl

19/F Ms. Pretty complained to Dr. Ramachandran of her shoulder and waist asymmetry as well as back pain. She disregarded treatment despite knowing this for a long time. Upon evaluating a full spine x-ray, the medical team led by Dr. Ramachandran discovered that she had a 45-degree Cobb angle thoracic scoliosis. After an MRI of the spine revealed no anomalies of the spinal cord, the diagnosis of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (Lenke 1AN) was determined, and a treatment plan based on the patient’s Cobb angle was developed.

She was scheduled for complete posterior spinal scoliosis correction and undewent fusion with pedicle screws under neurological monitoring because her curve was relatively flexible in side benders. She was mobilised the same day after the surgery and returned home after five days. Its been two years now, and she is currently doing extremely well and confident.