“Breaking Free from Cervical Radiculopathy: A 50-Year-Old’s Journey to Pain-Free Living with ACDF Surgery”

50 year gentleman came to Dr Ram with severe pain in right upper limb for almost 3 months. It all started on one day after a long work hours in front of laptop. His pain was so severe that one day, he was sleeping in sitting position. When he presented to Doctor, his pain was on a scale of 7/10. With on and off increasing pain scores to 10. His pain was disturbing his day-to-day activities of life and he started developing numbness in hand especially on thumb side. His MRI revealed a huge cervical disc prolapse at C5-6, which was ossified as well. Considering the long duration of the pain, disturbed activities of daily living and numbness he was operated by Dr Ram with ACDF – Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion procedure with artificial peek cage and screws. His pain was relieved on same day, He left Hospital happily the next day. He is doing extremely good at end of 2years with no recurrence or any other symptoms of the past.